I was born into a family of creatives on the North Shore of Massachusetts. From woodworking to party planning each of my family members had their own creative outlets and talents. While I always loved to stretch my creative muscles growing up I never thought it was a viable career path for me, so off to nursing school I went. 


I'm an ARTIST residing in Newburyport, Massachusetts with my husband, Brad and our English Cocker Spaniel, Sybbie. 


Meet  Rachele 



I began to use seashells and other coastal curiosities such as linen, rope and wood to create intricate, textured patterns that result in eye-catching, contemporary works of art that you can’t help but want to run your hands over. I love using soft neutral and blue hues inspired by serenity of the shorelines of New England but I will often employ various other color palettes to balance the “coastal” feeling of the seashells to create contemporary works that could fit in the coastal homes of Nantucket or the brownstones of Boston. 


I attended The University of Rhode Island to pursue a career in nursing and we’ll just say that it was an adjustment for this homebody to be away from home. Home was the place where I recharged and could be at total peace…I wasn’t finding that in the sorority house or dorm rooms, so to the beach I went. It was during my beach breaks between classes and clinicals where I was able to find solitude- it quickly became my home away from home and that's when my strong connection with the sea and New England coastal living began.

the  inspiration  behind  my  work 

Shortly after graduating, while working as a community health nurse I began creating ocean resin artwork combining my passions of creating and the sea into one unique hobby. It quickly took on a life of its own and in 2020 I made the decision to leave nursing and pursue art full time. After two successful years of creating resin art I made the decision to diversify my work and explore my own unique style as an artist. 



With my strong connection to coastal New England and living just minutes from the beach the ocean will always inspire my art but I wanted to move away from the literal interpretations I was creating with resin. My goal quickly became to flip the idea of coastal art on its head to help marry my passions for interior design and art. 


a  fresh,  bold  take  on  coastal  art. 


I utilizE UNIQUE mediums in unexpected ways – marryING them
with unconventional PALETTEs to create